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Google Data Highlighter to Improve Your SEO

Do you want to improve your SEO strategies? In the ever-changing scenario of search engine optimization, there are new and enlightening tips that can leverage recognition with Google. There are leading SEO companies in Delhi who use innovative tactics by following recommendations by Google. In order to improve your SEO, there is a novel way to draw the attention of the users besides helping Google to understand the content of the pages. Google Data Highlighter has set the trend for adding structured data or code for attracting search engines.


Google Low Quality Exact Match Domains(EMD) Update

Google has announced that it will penalize low quality exact match domains (EMD) website. There will be 0.6% of queries affected with low quality exact match domains (EMD) update. This EMD update will filter all that website in which a website domain has been made of exact keyword phrase and it occurrence will be less in whole website. This update is not related to Penguin and Panda update.


How to Choose Top SEO Companies in India

With so many companies providing SEO services in India, it is really difficult to find top seo companies in india and differentiate one from the other. But that need not be a reason for you to lose sleep, because - quality talks not quantity. And the moment you come across a SEO company that delivers quality products, you shall be able to tell the difference.

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