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Google Data Highlighter to Improve Your SEO

Do you want to improve your SEO strategies? In the ever-changing scenario of search engine optimization, there are new and enlightening tips that can leverage recognition with Google. There are leading SEO companies in Delhi who use innovative tactics by following recommendations by Google. In order to improve your SEO, there is a novel way to draw the attention of the users besides helping Google to understand the content of the pages. Google Data Highlighter has set the trend for adding structured data or code for attracting search engines.

SEO service can be improved with Google Data Highlighter, a webmaster tool that directs Google to event-related data on the website. The Data Highlighter can be used to tag with a point and click interface on web pages that do not have a HTML markup; if your data cannot be constantly marked up; if the site has the kind of data that can be recognized by the Data Highlighter; and if you do not have the resources to infuse rich snippets and upgrade data structure.

Where Google Data Highlighter is Used

Google Data Highlighter is used to teach Google on following types of data on websites:

  • Articles
  • Events
  • Local Businesses
  • Restaurants
  • Products
  • Software Applications
  • Movies
  • TV Episodes
  • Books

Data fields can easily be tagged with a mouse on the site using the Google Data Highlighter which helps Google to display data in engaging ways with products such as the Google Knowledge Graph and in search results. Users will find it easier to generate search results relevant to their queries with rich snippets that can obtain more clicks for their pages.

Basic knowledge of HTML is enough to display rich snippets with usage of microformats, microdata, schema.org and RDFa. A structured data testing tool can be used to help Google to recognize, understand and access a marked-up page.

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