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Google Low Quality Exact Match Domains(EMD) Update

Google has announced that it will penalize low quality exact match domains (EMD) website. There will be 0.6% of queries affected with low quality exact match domains (EMD) update. This EMD update will filter all that website in which a website domain has been made of exact keyword phrase and it occurrence will be less in whole website. This update is not related to Penguin and Panda update.

Exact match domains (EMD) means that website has exact search query keyword in its domain and low quality means the keyword density and keyword frequency in website is not sufficient. For example, If the website name is www.exactmatchdomains.com,then it will be consider as exact match domain website. The website which have hyphened (i.e. www.exact-match-domains.com) or underscore (i.e. www.exact_match_domains.com) between the keyword in domain will also come in exact match domain category.

Google has not confirmed that it will filter internal page which are keyword rich, only those website will be filtered which have exact keyword in their domains and the presence of that keyword is very less in whole website.

How to recover a website from Google Exact Match Domains (EMD) update

  • The domain name should present as a Brand name in the all pages of TITLE.
  • Include domain name in description of all appropiate pages.
  • Promote your domain name in social media such as Facebook,Twiiter and Goole Plus.
  • The domain name should be included in header tag of appropriate pages.
  • Add domain name as main keyord in breadcrumb.
  • Footer should have domain name in all pages of website.

Consequences of Google exact match domain update

There will be no website exist in Search Engine top pages which have exact match domain and it has less information regarding that topic.It will help user to find relvent wesite according to the search query.

There will be less competion on buying exact keyword domin,user can buy their desired domain at lowest price.Google exact match domain(EMD ) update will reduce the cost of domain reselling of higly search keyword.

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